Single Estate Rye Premiere

category: Launches of products and services
when: 6-7.02.2018
where: Szarotka
for: Belvedere

Bartężek Lake and Smogóry Forest are two new unusual, superpremium vodkas in Belvedere portfolio. Their production is based on "single estate" concept, where the product is inseparable from raw material's origin, just like in case of single malt whiskys or the best wines. Using exactly the same technology of production and the same type of rye, Belvedere distilled two completely different vodkas with taste profiles strongly influenced by "terroir" - an unique combination of climate, soil or landform.

Polish premiere of Bartężek and Smogóry has been organized in "terroir" atmosphere, with scenography inspired by Polish nature. Five events gathered over 100 influencers from media and liquor business, surprised and amazed by all the changes we have made in Szarotka, so contrast to the February weather outside.



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