Ardbeg Day 2018

category: Special events
when: 24.08.2018
where: Jastrzębia Góra
for: Ardbeg

After one year break we returned to the great feast of peaty whisky's lovers! This year's edition of Ardbeg Day took place as a Whisky Festival afterparty in Jastrzębia Góra and gathered about 2000 peat fans. The main theme was "Peat & Love", as a reference to limited Ardbeg Grooves edition inspired by 60's music festivals and times of hippies. 

The guests could enjoy Ardbeg and Glenmorangie by several bars, listen to the rock hits performed by The Customs group and take part in some funny onstage contests.

As a culmination of the evening we set an official Polish Record of the biggest number of people drinking whisky in the same time. We gathered a group of some 300 hundred Ardbeg fans who raised a toast, carefully counted by referee from Records Bureau. 

eXPRESJA took care of the whole party again. We also designed the escape-style game "Barrel is the key" used on Glenmorangie stand during all festival days.


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