Eurosport Leaders' Breakfast

category: Relationship events
when: 15.05.2018
where: Copernicus Hotel
for: Eurosport

eXPRESJA was responsible for organization of Leaders' Breakfast – one of the main events during last PIKE conference in Toruń.

Leaders' Breakfast is a meeting that links conference's participants with special guests invited by selected channel of Discovery Group. This year Eurosport was the originator of the Breakfast, while two great Polish sportsmen, Kamil Stoch and Robert Korzeniowski have been asked to join the discussion on the stage.
The moderators, Adam Widomski (Eurosport's director) and Dorota Żurkowska-Bytner (Discovery and TVN board's member), asked about some media-related aspects of career, like creating the image in media, or taking the role of sport channel's ambassador, but also about everyday challenges, like keeping leader's position, or methods of motivation to get better and better sport results. The sportsmen discussed also about their passion for sport, in relation to Eurosport's slogan - Fuel Your Passion.

After the meeting, Kamil and Robert spent some time chatting with other participants, giving autographs and taking photos together.

Agency was responsible for design and production of the decorations, multimedia and coordination of the breakfast in cooperation with hotel.

Previous edition of Leaders' Breakfast, also prepared by eXPRESJA, took place in Sheraton Sopot in May 2017. Its guests were Małgorzata Pieńkowska, Ewa Błaszczyk and Czesław Lang, and the moderators were Dorota Żurkowska-Bytner and Agata Młynarska:

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